We handle any and all traffic tickets in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in the State of New York as well as tickets in other counties outside of New York City.

Our main office is located on the same block as the main traffic Court in Nassau County which is called Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations, aka Cooper Street Court – 16 Cooper St, Hempstead, NY 11550.

For most of the traffic infractions, we do not need a client to go with us to court, we can appear on behalf of the client. Moreover, for some courts (for example, Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations, aka Cooper Street Court) we can appear in court in advance of the scheduled court appearance and negotiate a resolution of it. In addition, if you failed to show up in court on a scheduled date, we can appear on your behalf to negotiate a resolution of the matter.

Examples of traffic tickets that our office handles.

If you do not see your ticket here, most likely we handle that as well, so contact us.

VTL 306No inspection violations
319.1Operating without insurance
355 (UM)Operating while license/registration suspended
370 (UM)failure to notify insurer of accident for hire vehicle
375 - 385All VTLs involving Equipment of motor vehicle violations
401, 402, 403Violations for no registration or improper registration
509Driving without a license, driving out of class, etc
511 (UM)Driving with suspended license, aggravated unlaces operation in 3rd degree
512 (UM)Driving with suspended or revoked registration
600Violations involving accidents, leaving scene with property damage & personal injury
1101-1102Disobedience of traffic laws
1110Failure to obey traffic control device
1111 – 1120Failure to yield, to stop, passed light, etc
1120Failed to keep right
1121Failed to yield one half roadway
1122Failed to give away to the right
1122Overtaking a bicycle
1123Left pavement to pass on right
1124Unsafe passing
1125Drove left at curve
1126Drove left of pavement markings
1127Drove wrong way
1128Moved from lane unsafely
1129Tailgating, following too close
1130Driving across or within space divider
1131Driving on shoulder and slopes
1140 , 1141, 1142, 1143, 1144, 1145, 1146Failed to yield right of way
1151, 1152, 1153, 1155, 1156, 1157Failed to yield right of way to pedestrian
1160Improper turns
1161Improper u-turns
1162Unsafe start
1163Improper, unsafe turn/without signal
1164No signal lights
1165 – 1166Improper additional turns
1170-1171Failed to stop at railroad crossing
1172Failed to stop at stop sign
1173- 1174Failed to stop for school bus
1176 –1175Obstructing traffic


1180(a)Speed not reasonable and prudent
1180(b)Speed over state limit
1180(c)Speed in school zone
1180 (d)1Speed in Zone
1180 (d)2Speed in Restricted Highway
1180(e)failure to reduce speed
1180(f)Speed in Construction Zone
1180(g)Speeding using radar detect in vehicle greater than 18,000 pounds
1181 (a)Driving too slow; impending traffic
1182 (1)Unauthorized speed contest


1192.1Driving while ability impaired
1192.2Driving while intoxicated (DWI) (UM)
1192.2AAggravated DWI (UM)
1192.3Driving while intoxicated (UM)
1192.4Driving while ability impaired/drugs (UM)
1192.5 – 1192.6Commercial Motor Vehicles DWAI
1196.7Conditional driver license violation
1198.7Use of vehicle without ignition interlock
1198.9Circumvention of interlock device
1200Failed to obey sign-stopping/standing/parking

and any other traffic tickets

1201Stopping/standing on pavement
1202-1203Improper parking
1212Reckless driving (UM)
1220Unlawful solicitation of ground transportation services at an airport (MB)
1221Driving through/within safety zone
1225aDriving on sidewalk
1225dUse of electronic devices
1226No hands on wheel/steering devices
1229No seatbelt


Speeding (MPH over speed limit not indicated)3
Speeding (MPH over speed limit)-
1 - 10 MPH3
11 - 20 MPH4
21 - 30 MPH6
31 - 40 MPH8
More than 40 MPH11
Following too closely4
Passing improperly, changing lanes unsafely, driving to the left of center, driving in the wrong direction3
Failed to obey a traffic signal, a Stop sign, or a Yield sign3
Railroad crossing violation3
Failed to yield the right-of-way3
Passenger safety violation, including seat belts, child safety seats, or passengers under the age of 163
Reckless driving5
Left the scene of an accident that includes property damage or the injury of a domestic animal3
Inadequate brakes (vehicle of an employer)2
Inadequate brakes4
Other moving violations2
Failed to stop for a school bus5
Use of portable electronic device (“texting”)5
Improper cell phone use5

If you receive 11 points or more in 18 months, the DMV will suspend your driver license. You can request a DMV hearing only to show that a different person committed the violations. You cannot request a DMV hearing to prove that you were not guilty of the violations. You cannot request a DMV hearing to request a waiver of the suspension.

Current as of (summer 2017) Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (“TPVA”) program for cell phone tickets (it can change without notice at any time):

Distracted Driving Education program (For Nassau County TPVA)

A first time conviction for unauthorized use of a portable device, can result in fines and fees of $333 and 5 points assessed by NYS DMV on a motorist’s driving record. In addition to the fines and points, a conviction may have a negative impact on one’s automobile insurance.

As an alternative, first time offenders will be offered in Nassau County TPVA the opportunity to have the chargers significantly reduced. Keep in mind that no motorist is entitled to such offer as a matter of right, it is still within the discretion of prosecuting agency to make such an offer. While there will still be a fine, the points will be vacated for those who successfully participate in the Pilot Project Deterrent Program and demonstrate they understand the serious consequence of distracted driving.

For violations under VTL 1225-c (use of mobile phones) and 1225-d (use of portable electronic devices) the negotiated plea will be recorded as “Guilty” to a violation of VTL 1129(a) – following too closely – a 4 points violation with a recommended fine of $150 plus any applicable surcharges and fees (currently a total of $333).

  1. Defendant must allocate to the improper use of the electronic device and waive appeal
  2. Payment in full must be made on the date of disposition
  3. The case will be adjourned for approximately 120 days
  4. The offending motorist must within 10 days at his/her sole cost (approximately $125) register to have a device installed in their vehicle which will prevent the unlawful use of any electronic device by the operator
  5. The device will be monitored and will generate a report
  6. The report must be presented on the adjourned court date
  7. If the report is deemed satisfactory, at the sole discretion of TPVA, the original plea to VTL 1129(a) will be vacated and a plea of “Guilty” to a no point parking violation will be entered
  8. The total amount of money previously imposed and paid will remain the same, but reallocated
  9. If the report is not submitted and/or is deemed unsatisfactory, the negotiated plea to 1129(a) will stand without change.

Please note that our office is located within 5 minutes walking distance of Nassau County TPVA and we can handle traffic tickets there, including enrolling the client for the above-referenced cell phone program without the need for the client to go to court, as long as they execute an appropriate affidavit.

What happens if I forget to answer my traffic ticket ?

Please note, it is very important that you answer your traffic ticket in a timely manner.

Failure to answer your traffic ticket may cause your driver license to become suspended. In addition, if you fail to answer your ticket or appear in Court on the scheduled date, after a certain period of time, the Court may enter a default conviction and order you to pay fines and surcharges. If you still fail to pay fines and surcharges, the Court may enter additional suspension of your driver’s license or driving privileges, if you reside out-of-state. In addition, Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) will assess points against your driver’s license or privilege for the default convictions the same way as if you went and were convicted after trial.

As you can see, simply forgetting to answer a traffic ticket, may result in compounding problems that will cause you time, aggravation and money.

Suspension means your driver license or driving privilege will be taken away for a period of time before it is returned. Period of suspension depends on several factors including your prior driving history as well as ground for initial suspension. You may also be required to pay a suspension termination fee. This suspension period can be definite (which has a beginning and end date) or indefinite, which does not end until you take a required action.

Common scenario:

Driver gets a traffic ticket that she/he forgets to respond to on time.

Driver does not receive mail from DMV where he resides or simply does not open them or just ignores these letters. DMV will inform such driver that since driver failed to respond to a traffic ticket, her/his driver license or privilege will be suspended. Driver continues to disregard it and eventually forgets about that. Please note that it is not a defense to state that “DMV probably sent these letters to my old address where I no longer reside and do not get mail from there and I did not know it was suspended”. Driver must inform DMV within 10 days of her/his address change. The element of the offense is ”knew” or “should have known”. It is important that DMV has updated driver’s mailing address on file. Many suspended license tickets can be avoided if such important letters from DMV received and complied with by drivers.

Once driver fails to respond to such letters informing her/him that driver license of privilege will be suspended, in fact license gets suspended which prohibits driver from operating a motor vehicle. Driver forgets about it and continues to drive. Then driver gets pulled over for an unrelated violation and police officer upon checking the status of license/privilege issues a criminal charge – unclassified Misdemeanor – Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the 3rd degree – (aka driving with a suspended license) -- VTL 511.1. Depending on number and dates of outstanding suspensions, such charge can be VTL 511.2 or even 511.3 as a felony. Police Officer will (in most cases) issue summons to appear in criminal court of the county where the driver was operating a motor vehicle. Police has the authority to arrest a driver, take him/her into custody, hold driver until the diver will see a judge at arraignment. There are many instances where it happens, with more detained cases being in NYC than Nassau or Suffolk counties.

Upon receiving such criminal summonses – VTL 511, drivers rush to DMV to pay/resolve outstanding suspension/tickets. However, they do it after the fact. In addition of doing this, they still must appear in criminal court (or village court if it happens within a village) to answer newly received criminal charge of driving with suspended license. Please note that it is not a defense to say “But I went to DMV and paid the ticket after Officer told me that my license is suspended, why do I need to come to criminal court?” Driver must appear in Criminal court since on the date when driver was pulled over and issued summons, his/her driver license was suspended and the fact that it was cleared AFTER the fact does not exonerate the driver. It is a factor to consider to negotiate a resolution of the criminal matter.

Contact our office to get a detailed consultation on how we can get rid of criminal charges in court despite that driver was in fact driving with a suspended license on the date in question.

Call us at 516-505-2300 or 718-368-2800 or email SharifovR@LawfirmSR.com

Similar situation may happen when there is an insurance lapse.

Common scenario:

Driver gets a car insurance, pays for 1 month, gets insurance card for a period of 6 months.

Diver fails to make next insurance payment on time and insurance sends a letter to driver /registered car owner notifying him/her that insurance company will notify DMV that such insurance was cancelled. Driver either ignores, forgets or does not get/does not read such letter and eventually insurance company notifies DMV that certain car does not have a mandatory NYS insurance. DMV will notify the registered car owner that failure to resolve this issue will cause DMV to suspend its registration. Owner fails to comply, and continues to drive (whether owner or anybody else) the car. DMV suspends registration of such vehicle prohibiting this vehicle form being operated on NYS public roads. When this vehicle gets pulled over by police whether for unrelated violation or if police run its license plate/registration, Police will check the validity of its registration. If it is suspended -- driver of such car will get charged with a criminal offense – operating a motor vehicle with s suspended registration – VTL 512 – unclassified Misdemeanor and will issue summonses for the driver to appear in a criminal court, or village court if it happens within a village. It does not matter if this driver is not the registered owner of this vehicle, ticket still will be issued. In addition to charging the driver with VTL 512, officer may (in many instances will) issue these additional charges – VTL 340 (unclassified misdemeanor), failure to surrender revoked/suspended plates to DMV, 401.1 – operating without registration, 319.1 – without insurance, 306b – without inspection.

Many drivers puzzled why “no registration”, “no inspection”, “no insurance” are being charged since they have it on the date when they were pulled over. However, the fact that DMV suspended vehicle’s registration, automatically cancels its inspection. If it is alleged that registration was suspended due to a lapse in insurance, police will also issue VTL 319.1 – operating without insurance since an insurance card will not be accepted as its proof at the scene.

Knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will be able to negotiate a dismissal and reduction of these charges in court despite that there is a proof that registration was properly suspended by the DMV and driver was in fact operating a vehicle with a suspended registration.

Contact our office to get a detailed consultation on how we can dismiss criminal charges in court. Call us at 516-505-2300 or 718-368-2800 or email SharifovR@LawfirmSR.com

Some people have a mistaken belief that DMV cannot suspend their driver license if they do not have one in the State of New York. In fact, DMV can suspend driving privileges for the out-of-state drivers as well as driving privileges for the unlicensed people for failure to pay/answer tickets.

Definite suspension

If you get a definite suspension order, it will tell you how long the suspension period will last. You cannot drive until the suspension ends, you pay a suspension termination fee, and have a valid driver license. You can use DMV’s link below to check if your driver license is valid


Here are common reasons for definite suspensions:
you did not have automobile liability insurance
you were convicted of an alcohol or drug charge
you received too many traffic tickets in a certain amount of time
you did not follow the rules for junior drivers
you failed to pay a DMV fee

Indefinite suspension

If you receive an indefinite suspension order, it will tell you what you must do to remove the suspension, such as answer a traffic ticket, pay a traffic fine or file a motor vehicle crash report.

Some examples are:
you did not answer a traffic ticket and/or failed to pay a DMV fee
you did not file a motor vehicle accident report
you failed to pay child support
you have unpaid NYS tax debts
you did not have automobile liability insurance


Sometimes a local police may issue a traffic ticket or local ordinance violation returnable to a Village, Justice or Town Court. These courts usually have 1 or 2 working days per week and usually convene in the evening hours. Our attorneys can handle such traffic tickets as well as other violation in local village, town or justice courts, such as: (if you don’t see court where you need to appear please contact us, most likely we handle cases there as well)

Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency
16 Cooper Street
Hempstead, New York 11550.

Nassau County District Court
99 Main Street
Hempstead, New York 11550

Nassau County Court
262 Old Country Rd
Mineola, New York 11501

Nassau County Supreme Court
100 Supreme Court Dr
Mineola, New York, 11501


Atlantic Beach Village Court
65 The Plaza, P.O. Box 189
Atlantic Beach, NY 11509

Baxter Estates Village Court
315 Main Street Port
Washington, NY 11050

Bayville Village Court
34 School Street
Bayville, NY 11709

Bellerose Village Court
50 Superior Road
Bellerose Village, NY 11001

Brookville Village Court
PO Box 227, Route 106 East Norwich, NY 11732

Cedarhurst Village Court
200 Cedarhurst Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Centre Island Village Court
303 Centre Island Rd
Oyster Bay, NY 11771

Cove Neck Village Court
2 Cove Neck Road, P.O. Box 299
Oyster Bay, NY 11771

East Hills Village Court
209 Harbor Hill Rd
East Hills, NY 11576

East Rockaway Village Court
376 Atlantic Avenue, PO Box 189
East Rockaway, NY 11518

East Williston Village Court
P.O. Box 95
East Norwich, NY 11732

Farmingdale Village Court
361 Main Street Village Hall
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Floral Park Village Court
1 Floral Blvd Floral Park, NY 11002

Flower Hill Village Court
1 Bonnie Heights Road
Manhasset, NY 11030

Freeport Village Court
40 North Ocean
Avenue Freeport, NY 11520

Garden City Village Court
349 Stewart, Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530

Great Neck Estates Village Court
4 Gateway Drive
Village of Great Neck, NY 11021

Great Neck Plaza Village Court
Gussack Plaza, PO Box 440
Great Neck, NY 11022

Great Neck Village Court
61 Baker Hill Road
Great Neck, NY 11023

Hempstead Village Court
99 Nichols Court
Hempstead, NY 11550

Hewlett Bay Park Village Court
30 Piermont Avenue
Hewlett, NY 11557

Island Park Village Court
127 Long Beach Road
Island Park, NY 11558

Kensington Village Court
2 Nassau Drive
Great Neck, NY 11021

Kings Point Village Court
32 Steppingstone Lane
Kings Point, NY 11024

Lake Success Village Court
15 Vanderbilt Drive Lake
Success, NY 11020

Lattingtown Village Court
PO Box 201 Locust
Valley, NY 11560

Laurel Hollow Village Court
1492 Laurel Hollow Road
Syosset, NY 11791

Lawrence Village Court
196 Central Avenue
Lawrence, NY 11559

Lynbrook Village Court
1 Columbus Drive
Lynbrook, NY 11563

Malverne Village Court
99 Church Street
Malverne, NY 11565

Manorhaven Village Court
33 Manorhaven Blvd.
Port Washington, NY 11050

Massapequa Park Village Court
151 Front Street
Massapequa Park, NY 11762

Matinecock Village Court
Duck Pond Road, P.O. Box 227
East Norwich, NY 11732

Mill Neck Village Court
32 Frost Mill Road, PO Box 232
Millneck, NY 11765

Mineola Village Court
155 Washington Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501

Munsey Park Village Court
1777 Northern Boulevard
Manhasset, NY 11030

Muttontown Village Court
1763 Rt. 106
Syosset, NY 11791

New Hyde Park Village Court
1420 Jericho Turnpike
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

North Hills Village Court
1 Shelter Rock Road
Roslyn, NY 11576

Old Brookville Village Court
201 McCouns Lane, P.O. Box 436
Old Brookville, NY 11545

Old Westbury Village Court
1 Store Hill Road Old
Westbury, NY 11568

Oyster Bay Cove Village Court
PO Box 410, Village Hall
Jericho, NY 11753

Plandome Heights Village Court
37 Orchard Street
Manhasset, NY 11030

Plandome Manor Village Court
55 Manhasset Avenue
Manhasset, NY 11030

Plandome Village Court
65 South Drive, PO Box 930
Plandome, NY 11030

Port Washington North Village Court
3 Pleasant Ave Port
Washington, NY 11050

Rockville Centre Village Court
One College Place, PO Box 950
Rockville Centre, NY 11571

Roslyn Estates Village Court
25 The Tulips
Roslyn, NY 11576

Roslyn Harbor Village Court
500 Motts Cove Road South
Roslyn Harbor, NY 11576

Roslyn Village Court
1200 Old Northern Blvd
Roslyn, NY 11576

Russell Gardens Village Court
6 Tain Drive
Great Neck, NY 11021

Saddle Rock Village Court
18 Masefield Way
Saddle Rock, NY 11023

Sands Point Village Court
Tibbits Lane
Sands Point, NY 11050

Sea Cliff Village Court
P.O. Box 340
Sea Cliff, NY 11579

Stewart Manor Village Court
120 Covert Avenue
Stewart Manor, NY 11530

Upper Brookville Village Court
Planting Fields Arboretum Annex Building, 436
Glen Head, NY 11545

Valley Stream Village Court
123 So Central Avenue
Valley Stream, NY 11580

Westbury Village Court
235 Lincoln Place
Westbury, NY 11590

Williston Park Village Court
494 Willis Avenue
Williston Park, NY 11596

Woodsburgh Village Court
30 Piermont Avenue
Hewlett, NY 11557

Long Beach City Court
1 W Chester St
Long Beach, NY 11561

Glen Cove City Court
9 Glen Street
Glen Cove, NY 11542


Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency
100 Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Suffolk County District Court
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722

Suffolk County Court
210 Center Drove S
Riverhead, NY 11901

Suffolk County Supreme Court
1 Court St
Riverhead, New York 11901


Amityville Village Court
21 Ireland Place
Amityville, NY 11701

Asharoken Village Court
1 Asharoken Ave
Northport, NY 11768

strong>Babylon Village Court
153 West Main Street
Babylon, NY 11702

Belle Terre Village Court
55 Cliff Road
Belle Terre, NY 11777

Bellport Village Court
29 Bellport Lane
Bellport, NY 11713

Brightwaters Village Court
40 Seneca Drive
Brightwaters, NY 11718

East Hampton Town Court
159 Pantigo Rd
East Hampton, NY 11937

Head of the Harbor Village Court
500 North Country Road
St. James, NY 11780

Huntington Bay Village Court
244 Vineyard Road
Huntington, NY 11743

Islandia Village Court
1100 Old Nichols Road
Islandia, NY 11749

Lake Grove Village Court
PO Box 1231 Lake
Grove, NY 11755

Lindenhurst Village Court
430 South Wellwood Avenue
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Lloyd Harbor Village Court
380 West Neck Road
Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743

<]strong>Mastic Beach Village Court
369 Neighborhood Road
Mastic Beach, NY 11951

Nissequogue Village Court
PO Box 184
St. James, NY 11780

Northport Village Court
224 Main Street
Northport, NY 11768

Ocean Beach Village Court
Ocean Beach, NY 11770

Old Field Village Court
Setauket, NY 11733

Patchogue Village Court
Patchogue, NY 11772

Poquott Village Court
45 Birchwood Avenue
Setauket, NY 11733

Port Jefferson Village Court
121 West Broadway
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Quogue Village Court
123 Jessup Avenue
Quogue, NY 11959

Riverhead Town Court
210 Howell Avenue
Riverhead, NY 11901

Sag Harbor Village Court
55 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Saltaire Village Court
PO Box 5551
Bay Shore, NY 11706

Shelter Island Town Court
Route 114, PO Box 1632 NY 11964

Shoreham Village Court
PO Box 389
Shoreham, NY 11786

Southampton Town Court
32 Jackson Avenue
Hampton Bays, NY 11946

Southampton Village Court
151 Windmill Lane
Southampton, NY 11968

Southold Town Court
53095 Main Road, Route 25
Southold, NY 11971

Village of the Branch Village Court
40 Route 111
Smithtown, NY 11787

West Hampton Dunes Village Court
165 Mill Road
West Hampton Dunes, NY 11978

Westhampton Beach Village Court
165 Mill Road
West Hampton Beach, NY 11978