January 9, 2024

Airport cash seizure and administrative forfeiture proceedings

Federal law allows law enforcement officers to seize property including cash and initiate administrative forfeiture proceedings according to 21 USC 881 and other additional federal laws. The law authorizes the federal government to forfeit money that is traceable to the illegal drug sale or any other crime. Airport cash seizure […]
November 29, 2023

TLC license suspension after an arrest

  If you are an Uber or yellow cab taxi driver in New York City, you must have a TLC driver’s license. In case of arrest, such a TLC license will be suspended shortly after your arrest. However, after TLC license suspension, the driver will be allowed to request and […]
September 21, 2023

Criminal Mischief

  A person is guilty of criminal mischief when having no right to do so nor any reasonable ground to believe that he or she has such right, he or she intentionally or recklessly damages the property of another person or when such the defendant prevents another person from making […]
June 30, 2023

Resisting arrest

According to New York Penal Law §205.30, a person is guilty of resisting arrest when he or she intentionally prevents or attempts to prevent a police officer or peace officer from effecting an authorized arrest of himself or herself or another person. Resisting arrest is a class A misdemeanor punishable […]
May 3, 2023

Forcible touching and other sex offenses

  A person is guilty of forcible touching when such person intentionally and for no legitimate purpose forcibly touches the sexual or other intimate parts of another person for the purpose of degrading or abusing such person or for the purpose of gratifying his or her sexual desire. That includes […]
April 15, 2023


   Arraignment is the initial Court appearance in a criminal court after the person is arrested. In New York State once the person gets arrested, he or she may be issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (“DAT”) after being fingerprinted and processed at the police station and directed to appear in […]
April 3, 2023

Order of Protection and its Violation

In our extensive criminal defense and family court practice we often come across the Order of protection violations. In New York State, two types of Courts may issue Orders of protection – Criminal Courts and Family Courts. For the Criminal Court Judge to issue an Order against any person, that […]
July 6, 2022

Uncontested divorce

  There are two types of divorce proceedings – contested and uncontested. Today we would like to talk about the uncontested divorce. This type of divorce action assumes that the married couple discussed all essential issues of the divorce and agreed on them before the filing of the legal action […]
June 10, 2022

Arrest for domestic violence

Domestic violence is a general term describing various crimes and offenses committed between spouses or former spouses, between parent and child, or between the members of the same family or household, as this term is defined in the New York Family Court Act (“FCA”). Domestic violence crimes include crimes committed […]
February 10, 2022

Petition for child support in Family Court

Today we would like to discuss how to file a petition for child support in New York State. As a matter of law, all parents are deemed responsible for the financial support of their children, regardless of whether they are divorced or were never married. All parents in New York […]
February 4, 2022

Why do I need to hire a private attorney if a free lawyer was appointed by the Court?

Sometimes our clients who have been charged with a crime are asking us an interesting question – why do I need to hire you, a private attorney, if I already have a free lawyer appointed by the Court? It is definitely a legitimate question, and people who are unfamiliar with […]
December 28, 2021

What Happens After You Are Arrested for Assault?

A person can get arrested for an assault charge as a misdemeanor or a felony. A person is guilty of Assault in a Third Degree (misdemeanor) when he causes physical injury to another person with the intent to cause such injury, recklessly, or negligently by means of a deadly weapon […]
December 28, 2021

Criminal Possession of Forged Instrument – Fake License Plates

Today we would like to discuss a common criminal charge in connection with fake (forged) motor vehicle license plates. Most of these cases are charged as class A misdemeanors (a crime)- Criminal possession of a forged instrument in the third degree in violation of NY Penal Law (“PL”) section 170.20, […]
August 27, 2021

Desk Appearance Ticket (“DAT”). Showing up on DAT in criminal courts.

Our firm has a lot of clients who received a Desk Appearance Ticket because they were arrested for a misdemeanor crime, photographed and fingerprinted in the police precinct and let go with a Desk Appearance Ticket to appear in a Criminal court at a later date. Some of these clients […]
March 26, 2021

Jury Trial in Criminal Case

What is a jury trial? When does it take place?  Does it always take place?  Who decides if the case will be tried? Is jury trial a good option for a criminal defendant? Jury trial (JT) is a trial, a process when a panel of 6 jurors (in a misdemeanor […]
February 10, 2021

Family Court petition for an Order of Protection

If you are a victim of domestic violence, your rights in New York State are protected by law and you may apply to Court for an Order of Protection. Domestic violence is a general term describing various crimes and offenses committed between the members of the same family or household, […]
November 4, 2020

DMV Refusal Hearing

Many drivers, arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) are asking whether they should have agreed to a chemical test offered by police. Under the law, if you are driving, you are giving implied consent for such a test on a lawful request from the police officer. Nevertheless, you will be […]
July 22, 2020

Criminal Case – From Arrest to Disposition

When the person gets arrested for the first time, he or she will be most likely terrified and shocked and will have tons of questions regarding the process and its outcome. Often, family and friends get involved in looking for a criminal defense attorney and they as well will have […]
June 18, 2020

White Collar Crimes in Federal Court

   Among the cases our firm handles in the Federal courts, the absolute majority are the cases related to white-collar crimes, such as wire fraud, money laundering, and related conspiracies. What is the difference between the state and the federal court system? As it relates to criminal cases, the Federal […]
June 15, 2020

Facing a Felony Charge in New York

   A felony charge in New York is a serious criminal charge when an accused faces potential punishment of over 1-year imprisonment.  A felony charge is more serious than a misdemeanor, which is a criminal charge when an accused faces potential punishment of imprisonment of up to 1 year. A […]